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[Facility] Yamada-Matsu Company Limited

[Hours] 10:00-17:30 (sachet workshop 14:30 Mon-Fri, except Nat Hols, listening workshop 10:30 and 14:30 on Mon-Sat, except Nat Hols)
[Holidays] Mid Aug, year end and new year
[Booking] Workshop booking needs to be made one day in advance

  • Equipped with Slopes
  • Guide Dogs
Yamada-Matsu Company Limited

Yamada-Matsu Company Limited

Established in the Edo period (1603-1868), close to the Imperial Palace (Gosho), this store specializing in fragrant wood incense truly is a well-established business. The natural fragrant woods handled here are used various types of high-quality merchandise, such as room incense, printed (shaped) incense, and the twelve horary signs (animals) shaped in incense. All of which make delightful souvenirs. Yet, shopping is not the only delight at the store, as workshops (tasters) also are held here on how to make incense in time-honored fashion dating back to the Muromachi period (1333-1573). Popular tasters include a mini lesson in "listening" to three types of incense to distinguish them apart as well as a taster on making an incense sachet fragranced in your own choice of incense.

[Message from the store]
"Kodo", or traditional incense smelling ceremony, is often thought to be an art that requires considerable training and adeptness in order to participate - yet, at Yamada-Matsu, we would like our visitors to simply enjoy themselves with fragrances. To that end, wheelchairs and guide dogs may enter the store, and use seating in the lecture room and the elevator to the workshop, so that wheelchair users can enjoy the courses available. If there is anything we can help with, please do hesitate to ask, and we will do our best to provide the help asked for. (Kawahara) (Month checked: 2014.Oct, )

Location 164 Kageyukoji-cho Shimodachiuri Agaru Muromachi-dori Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8014
Tel 075-441-1123
Access Alight from Exit 2 at Marutamachi Stn on Karasuma Subway Line, and walk for 7 minutes (the walk will take 10 minutes if you use the elevator at Exit 6)
Charges Sachet workshop ¥2,000, mini listening workshop ¥1,500
[Booking method] Phone
[Workshop time] Appox 45 mins
[Number of participants] Depends on type of taster, please ask
[Parking] 6 vehicles (1 space in front of store *Please contact in advance)
[Wheelchair marked parking] None
[Wheelchair toilet] None
[Services] Scribing, guide dog, foreign language pamphlets (English, Chinese) *English version of homepage, enquiries and bookings by email *Enquiries from email on homepage, luggage can be looked after while purchases are being made
[Entrance] Automatic doors
[Shoe removal] Shoes must be removed to enter incense room (Japanese room)

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info

Yamada Matsu Incense Store Entrance

Yamada Matsu Incense Store EntranceThere are parking spaces in front of the store on Muromachi-dori, so you can alight from a car, and be very close to the entrance. There is a five-centimeter step up into the store but a slope has been installed. There are double doors at the entrance (150 cm wide).

Yamada Matsu Incense Store

Yamada Matsu Incense StoreThere are seasonal displays of products in the store, each wafting out beautiful incense aromas. Once inside the store, there is plenty of space, with a counter before you and incense products lined up to the right. There are steps inside the store and walkways have between 89 and 180 centimeters of width. But as some products are delicate, it is best to move around carefully in this store.

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Chest of Drawers

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Chest of DrawersAt the back on the right inside the store there counter seats where customers can choose for purchase from 400 aromas, all tucked away in little drawers in a chest (photo). From the floor to the underside of the counter is 66 centimeters.

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Studio Entrance

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Studio EntranceThe studio where visitors can participate in tasters (workshops) is on Muromachi-dori some 60 meters south of the store. There is parking space in front of the studio. The entrance door opens to the right and left, and has a width of 180 centimeters.

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Elevator

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s ElevatorUsually, tasters (workshops) are held in a tatami mat room, but the conference room is used when wheelchair users participate in workshops. Enter the store, and take the elevator (80 cm wide) on the left to the second floor.

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Conference Room

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Conference RoomConference table’s have 65 centimeters of space under them, spaces for storing luggage, with 56 centimeters of space between floor and luggage shelf. Both tables and chairs can be moved, so spacious settings can provided for workshops.

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Incense Ceremony Utensils

Yamada Matsu Incense Store’s Incense Ceremony UtensilsThese utensils are use in the incense hearing workshop. The incense sachets are decorated with items redolent of the seasons.

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