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[Facility] Kyoto Gyoen (Imperial Gardens)

  • Equipped with Slopes
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces
  • Audio Guidance, Braille

This is the public park (1.3 km north to south and 0.7 km east to west) in the heart of the Imperial Palace (Gosho). Back in the Edo period, this residential area full of the villas and homes of court nobles. And, even today, there are remnants of some of those buildings. Many locals come to enjoy the seasons here in amongst the flora and fauna and changing hues. Many of the broad paths through the gardens are surfaced with thick layers of gravel, but on the west side there is now a solid path, which is the best route to take for wheelchair users and people pushing baby buggies. Services available in the gardens include wheelchair friendly toilets, rental wheelchairs, multilingual pamphlets and considerate parking options. (Month checked: 2014.Jun, )

Location 3 Kyoto Gyoen Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto (Gyoen National Garden Office, Ministry of Environment), 602-0881
Tel 075-211-6348
Fax 075-255-6433
Access 地下鉄「丸太町」「今出川」駅徒歩1分、市バス「烏丸丸太町」「烏丸今出川」「烏丸一条」「裁判所前」「同志社前」下車徒歩1分

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info

Site of the Konoe Garden

Site of the Konoe GardenThis is where the Konoe family (famed for producing many regents and chief advisors during the Edo period) villa once stood. Even today, there is pond in the east corner of the site. And this pond is famous for its droopy-branch cherry tree. Wheelchair users should approach from the path on the north side to get a good view.

Children’s Park (Jido-Koen)

Children’s Park (Jido-Koen)Set in the northwest of Kyoto Imperial Palace (Gosho), this is a park for children and it has an easy-to-move path for baby buggies, etc. There is a roofed rest area here, which makes a nice resting place for wheelchair users.

Agata Well (Agata-no-i)

Agata Well (Agata-no-i)This is one of the three famous water spots in Kyoto Imperial Palace (Gosho). Although the well has dried up, but, long ago, there was a shrine (Agata-no-miya) nearby, and people use the well water for cleansing in ceremonies at the shrine.

Nakadachiuri Rest Rooms (Nakadachiuri-Kyukeisho)

Nakadachiuri Rest Rooms (Nakadachiuri-Kyukeisho)There are rest rooms on the north and south sides of Nakadachiuri-Gomon gate. These rest areas have menus and pamphlets in English, Chinese and Korean as well as three rental wheelchairs (two being electrically assisted and the other having balloon tires for coping with the gravel paths). In the north rest room there is an English audio announcements and an exhibition gallery.

Kyoto Omoiyari Carpark

Kyoto Omoiyari CarparkEntering the palace grounds from Nakadachiuri-dori, there are five parking spaces for people who have difficulty walking.

Forest Path (mori-no-komichi)

Forest Path (mori-no-komichi)This is a path that passes through a coniferous forest. On rainy days, there is a paved bicycle path just to the west that can be used.

Haguri Gomon Gate

Haguri Gomon GateThe only path here is the north-south graveled one, so it is difficult to get close, but to the left is Haguri Gomon gate and to the right is the Imperial Palace. And, the mountains off to the right are where the big “dai” character is lit on 16 August in the Obon festival.

Ume and Peach Groves

Ume and Peach GrovesIn among the 200 or so ume trees and 70 peach trees there is a graveled path. From mid February to March, these trees come into bloom, offering beautiful sights and exquisite aromas. There are benches along the path, which are ideal for a break.

Demizu-no-Ogawa Stream

Demizu-no-Ogawa StreamAccessed by climbing up a slope on a graveled path, this artificial pond fed by well water is a beautiful resting spot where families come to play and leisurely sit. There are wooden tables here that can be used by wheelchair users.


Sawaragiguchi-Demizu-no-OgawaThe sparsely gravel path gradually becomes a proper gravel path but not to worry as wheelchairs can pass along here quite easily.

Kyoto Gyoen Sawaragiguchi Entrance

Kyoto Gyoen Sawaragiguchi EntranceThe second entrance along from the intersection is Sawragiguchi entrance. There is a guide panel just inside the entrance.

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